アーティスト アルバムタイトル リリース ジャンル
JC & KeChelle FOREVER 2013-03-20
ブライアン・マックナイト More Than Words (Deluxe Edition) 2013-03-19
Lee Hi First Love, Pt. 1 - EP 2013-03-07
Various Artists NO.1 PARTY MIX R&B HOUSE BEST Mixed DJ SATOSHI 2013-03-06
Elliott Yamin Best For You 2013-03-06
Laura Mvula Sing To the Moon 2013-03-01
Laura Mvula Sing To the Moon (Deluxe) 2013-03-01
Various Artists Manhattan Records presents PARTY SHAKE!!! –FAST HITS MIX - Vol.2 (mixed by DJ RYO) 2013-02-27
Various Artists Love Magic Star Base Music Ballad Collection 2013-01-30
NAO THE SCENERY 2012-12-26
Various Artists Future R&B 2012 2012-12-19
Various Artists Future R&B 2012 2012-12-19
Various Artists Manhattan Records Presents "The Hits", Vol. 3 (Mixed by DJ TAKU) 2012-12-19
Various Artists 2012 BEST 50 -mixed by DJ SHINTARO 2012-12-07
アリシア・キーズ Girl On Fire 2012-11-28
Various Artists HOUSE FLAVOR R&B Original Best Vol.6 2012-11-21
One Chance Ain't No Room for Talkin 2012-11-07
Andreena All Eyes On Me 2012-11-07
AI Happiness - EP 2012-11-07
久保田利伸 THE BADDEST 2012-11-07
NE-YO R.E.D. 2012-10-31
VARIOUS DJ Sarasa Presents Paradise Funk ''Wind'' 2012-10-31
宏実 Honesty 2012-10-24
ブランディー Two Eleven (Deluxe Version) 2012-10-22
MIHIRO ~マイロ~ I'm singing for LOVERS 2012-10-17
NE-YO DJ KAORI’s Best of NE-YO 2012 Mix (Japan - Package) 2012-10-03
Various Artists Gossip Party! x.o.x.o. Stylish Celeb's mix - mixed by DJ LICCA 2012-10-03
フェイス・エヴァンス R&B Divas: Faith Evans 2012-10-02
August Music of My Life (Bonus Track Version) 2012-09-26
VARIOUS DJ SARASA Presents PARADISE FUNK ''Sunshine'' 2012-09-26
Various Artists Manhattan Records Presents "The Hits" Vol. 2 (mixed by DJ TAKU) 2012-09-19
VARIOUS Extra Smooth 2012-09-19
Various Artists Manhattan Records Presents "The Hits" Vol. 2 (mixed by DJ TAKU) 2012-09-19
José James It's All Over Your Body EP 2012-09-14
Various Artists PARTY HITS -R&B HOUSE- BURNING Mixed by DJ HIROKI 2012-09-12
Mint Condition Music @ the Speed of Life 2012-09-11
Matt Cab Love Stories (Bonus Track Version) 2012-09-05
未分類 YOUR SOUL - EP 2012-08-22
Various Artists THE BEST HOT SHOTS!! - 2012 1ST HALF HITS - mixed by DJ ROC THE MASAKI 2012-08-22
為岡そのみ Rendezvous - EP 2012-08-22
Matt Cab Love Story - EP 2012-08-22
Stevie Hoang All For You Bonus Edition 2012-08-22
中村舞子 7→9 2012-08-22
宏実 Teenage Love - EP 2012-07-25
COMA-CHI Made in Summer - EP 2012-07-20
ジョス・ストーン The Soul Sessions, Vol. 2 2012-07-16
DAIKI × ZK CRYSTAL HOUSE -R&B Party- Mixed by DAIKI × ZK 2012-07-11
Tiara Sweet Flavor ~cover song collection~ 2012-07-04
R.ケリー Write Me Back 2012-07-04
Jamillions 9 (Bonus Track Version) 2012-07-04
Old Nick Very Delicious -2nd Season- (Bonus Track Version) 2012-06-27
Mele Memories of Right Now (Bonus Track Version) 2012-06-27
R.ケリー Write Me Back (Deluxe Version) 2012-06-22
ベン・ロンクル・ソウル Ben L'Oncle Soul (Japan Version) 2012-06-20
Various Artists Manhattan Records Presents "The Hits" (mixed by DJ TAKU) 2012-06-20
アッシャー Looking 4 Myself 2012-06-13
Various Artists R&B IN THE HOUSE -BEST- mixed by DJ FUMI★YEAH! 2012-05-23
Various Artists R&B IN THE HOUSE -BEST- mixed by DJ FUMI★YEAH! 2012-05-23
Sade Bring Me Home - Live 2011 2012-05-22
マーヴィン・ゲイ Marvin Gaye's Greatest Hits Live 2012-05-15
Marvin Gaye What's Going On 2012-05-15
未分類 That's the Way of the World: Alive in '75 2012-05-01
SWV I Missed Us 2012-04-17
Jordyn Taylor Jordyn Taylor 2012-03-07
Jordyn Taylor Jordyn Taylor (Bonus Track Version) 2012-03-07
ISSA × SoulJa ISM 2012-02-29
Various Artists Urban NEXT - Slow & Luxury- selected by Shintaro Nishizaki 2012-02-29
CDM Project 30 Most Wanted R&B Dance Hits 2012-02-27
AI Independent 2012-02-24
Marvin Gaye Let's Get It On (Remastered) 2012-02-21
Various Artists Sweet R&B バラード 2012-02-01
Mýa K.I.S.S. (Keep It Sexy & Simple) 2011-12-20
Party Hits Project PARTY HITS -R&B HOUSE- BEST Mixed by DJ HIROKI 2011-12-07
AYUSE KOZUE U&I 2011-12-07
Jeff Bernat The Gentleman Approach 2011-12-01
Various Artists Love R&B mixed by DJ K 2011-11-23
久保田利伸 THE BADDESTHit Parade 2011-11-23
Mary J. Blige My Life II...The Journey Continues (Act 1) [Deluxe Version] 2011-11-21
メアリー・J.ブライジ My Life II...The Journey Continues (Act 1) 2011-11-18
Taj Jackson It's Not Over (Bonus Track Version) 2011-11-09
Boyz II Men CooleyHighHarmony (Expanded Edition) 2011-11-01
Boyz II Men Twenty 2011-10-24
Various Artists HOUSE FLAVOR R&B ~Original Best~ Vol.4 2011-10-05
Latif Love Life (Bonus Track Version) 2011-08-31
久保田利伸 Gold Skool 2011-08-03
Minimum Cox R&B ElectRock Performed & Mixed by Minimum Cox 2011-07-20
Minimum Cox R&B ElectRock Performed & Mixed by Minimum Cox 2011-07-20
Minimum Cox R&B ElectRock Performed & Mixed by Minimum Cox 2011-07-20
Stevie Hoang Summer Love 2011-07-13
Jennifer Hudson No One Gonna Love You (Remixes) 2011-07-13
Kat DeLuna Inside Out 2011-07-13
Alicia Keys Songs in A Minor (10th Anniversary Edition) [Collector's Edition] 2011-06-28
アリシア・キーズ Songs In A Minor (10th Anniversary Edition) [Deluxe Edition] 2011-06-24
Myron Myron & The Works (feat. MeShell Ndegeocello & Robert Glasper) 2011-06-10
Marvin Gaye What's Going On (40th Anniversary Edition) [Super Deluxe Version] 2011-06-07
Various Artists R&B IN THE HOUSE -GREATEST MEGAMIX- mixed by DJ FUMI★YEAH! 2011-05-25
Jackson 5 The Dave Cash Collection: Rehearsing with Jackson Five 2011-05-09
Various Artists House Flavor R&B Original Best, Vol. 3 2011-05-04
Mýa K.I.S.S. (Bonus Track Version) 2011-04-13
Jennifer Hudson I Remember Me 2011-03-22
Marvin Gaye The Complete Collection 2011-03-22
山口リサ Eternal Color 2011-03-02
Boyz II Men 20th Century Masters the Millennium Collection: The Best of Boyz II Men 2011-03-01
為岡そのみ DRAMATIC 2011-02-23
ケリー・ヒルソン No Boys Allowed (Deluxe Version) 2011-01-26
Party Hits Project Party Hits - R&B House (Mixed by DJ Hiroki) 2011-01-19
ベン・ロンクル・ソウル Ben L'Oncle Soul 2011-01-11
Boyz II Men Legacy - The Greatest Hits Collection 2011-01-11
Marvin Gaye & Tammi Ter… Love Songs: Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell 2011-01-04
ボーイズⅡメン COVERED-Winter- 2010-12-22
BENI Jewel 2010-12-08
ジャクソン 5 Jam Session 2010-12-06
NE-YO Libra Scale 2010-10-27
Matt Cab The One (Bonus Track Version) 2010-09-01
Rox Memoirs 2010-07-21
DJ DOGBOY DJ DOGBOYプレゼンツ...レゲエ.シャワー R&B クラシックス 2010-07-07
Various Artists HOUSE FLAVOR R&B Original Best Vol.2 2010-06-30
Sway Penala My Story 2010-05-18
Starlite Singers 2009 R&B Top 40 2010-05-11
Adriana Evans El Camino 2010-05-08
Adriana Evans Walking With The Night 2010-05-06
Marvin Gaye Rarities Edition: I Want You 2010-04-13
Taj Jackson It's Taj Jackson (Bonus Track Version) 2010-04-07
久保田利伸 Timeless Fly 2010-02-24
エイコン Sucker for Love 2010-02-20
ジェイ・ショーン All or Nothing (オール・オア・ナッシング) 2010-02-10
クリス・ブラウン Graffiti 2010-01-27
MAY'S Amazing 2010-01-13
Michael Jackson Ben 2010-01-05
Michael Jackson Got to Be There 2010-01-05
Marvin Gaye Rarities Edition: What's Going On 2010-01-05
アレサ・フランクリン You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Woman 2010-01-01
Mary J. Blige Stronger withEach Tear 2009-12-21
アリシア・キーズ The Element of Freedom 2009-12-16
アイヤズ Replay - EP 2009-12-11
R. Kelly Untitled 2009-12-01
Alicia Keys The Element of Freedom (Deluxe Version) 2009-11-27
Boyz II Men Love (Bonus Track Version) 2009-11-23
Matt Cab Heartbeats - EP 2009-11-17
R. Kelly Number One (Remixes ) [feat. Keri Hilson] 2009-11-10
Adriana Evans Nomadic 2009-11-10
ボーイズⅡメン ラヴ (Japan Version) 2009-11-04
Jamillions Unrated - EP 2009-10-20
マライア・キャリー Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel 2009-09-30
Mýa Beauty & The Streets - Mixtape, Vol. 1 2009-09-29
三浦大知 Who's The Man 2009-09-16
宏実 Aisaretai - EP 2009-09-16
Michael Jackson Pure Michael: Motown a Cappella 2009-09-08
Michael Jackson The Original Soul of Michael Jackson 2009-09-08
NE-YO Ne-Yo:ザ・コレクション 2009-09-02
ホイットニー・ヒューストン The Ultimate Collection 2009-08-27
Michael Jackson Michael Jackson: The Definitive Collection 2009-08-25
Trey Songz Ready 2009-08-21
Michael Jackson Hello World - The Motown Solo Collection 2009-07-31
マーヴィン・ゲイ The Best Of Marvin Gaye 2009-07-20
Ginger Rose Afternoon Delight 2009-07-15
ボーイズⅡメン Legacy - Deluxe Edition, Vol. 1 2009-07-14
Michael Jackson The Stripped Mixes 2009-07-07
Michael Jackson Hello World: The Motown Solo Collection 2009-06-30
宏実 Hiromi's Edition 2009-06-24
Charlie Complete Charlie – The Best 2009-06-17
COOL WISE MAN Rundown 2009-06-17
ケリー・ヒルソン In a Perfect World... 2009-06-04
Marvin Gaye & Tammi Ter… United 2009-03-17
Atlantic Gold Atlantic Gold - 100 Soul Classics 2009-03-16
未分類 HOUSE FLAVOR R&B Original Best 2009-03-04
アレサ・フランクリン Aretha 2009-02-24
Jennifer Hudson Jennifer Hudson (Deluxe Edition) 2009-02-24
Jennifer Hudson If This Isn't Love - EP 2009-02-19
未分類 Illumination 2009-02-17
マーヴィン・ゲイ What's Going On (Remastered) 2009-02-04
倉木麻衣 touch Me! 2009-01-21
MAY'S Dreaming 2009-01-14
Marvin Gaye The Soulful Moods of Marvin Gaye 2009-01-13
Jackson 5 The Legend Begins (feat. Michael Jackson) 2009-01-01
Mýa Sugar & Spice 2008-12-03
Akon Freedom 2008-12-02
クレイグ・デイヴィッド Craig David: Greatest Hits 2008-11-21
EMI MARIA A Ballad of My Own 2008-11-05
Ashanti The Vault 2008-10-14
Stephanie McKay Tell It Like It Is 2008-09-30
Jennifer Hudson Jennifer Hudson 2008-09-26
NE-YO Year of the Gentleman 2008-09-10
Ginger Rose You'll Love It In the Morning 2008-09-03
未分類 Live In Japan (Audio Version) 2008-08-26
アレサ・フランクリン Live at Fillmore West 2008-07-14
アレサ・フランクリン Lady Soul 2008-07-14
クリス・ブラウン Exclusive - The Forever Edition 2008-07-09
Marvin Gaye Favorites: Marvin Gaye 2008-07-08
リアーナ Good Girl Gone Bad: Reloaded 2008-06-13
Ashanti The Declaration 2008-06-09
Stevie Hoang This Is Me 2008-06-04
Amy Winehouse Frank (B-Sides) 2008-05-13
Marvin Gaye Live In Montreux 1980 2008-02-26
Marvin Gaye Here My Dear Deluxe Edition 2008-01-15
Mary J. Blige Growing Pains 2007-12-18
DJ Deckstream feat. JUJU BEE Love & Hate. Hate & Love - EP 2007-12-12
Amy Winehouse Frank 2007-11-20
ISSA ISSA 2007-11-14
Boyz II Men Motown - A Journey Through Hitsville USA 2007-11-13
クレイグ・デイヴィッド Trust Me 2007-11-09
Alicia Keys As I Am 2007-11-09
EMI MARIA Between the Music - EP 2007-10-24
キーシャ・コール Just Like You (Bonus Track Version) 2007-10-19
アレサ・フランクリン Rare & Unreleased Recordings From The Golden Reign of The Queen of Soul 2007-10-15
アレサ・フランクリン Oh Me, Oh My - Aretha Live In Philly, 1972 2007-09-14
未分類 Discover Earth, Wind & Fire - EP 2007-08-21
未分類 Earth, Wind & Fire: The Full Discover Package 2007-08-21
未分類 Discover Beyond: Earth, Wind & Fire - EP 2007-08-21
未分類 Discover Further: Earth, Wind & Fire - EP 2007-08-21
未分類 Discover More: Earth, Wind & Fire - EP 2007-08-21
Marvin Gaye In Our Lifetime? (Expanded Love Man Edition) 2007-06-19
Marvin Gaye Marvin Gaye & His Girls 2007-06-12
DJ HASEBE Adore the Remixes - EP 2007-06-06
R. Kelly Double Up (Bonus Track Version) 2007-05-29
R. Kelly Double Up 2007-05-29
R.ケリー Double Up (Digital Version) 2007-05-25
Marvin Gaye In Our Lifetime 2007-05-22
アレサ・フランクリン Queen of Soul - The Best of Aretha Franklin 2007-04-30
アレサ・フランクリン I Never Loved a Man the Way I Love You 2007-04-17
Marvin Gaye Number 1's: Marvin Gaye 2007-04-03
Amy Winehouse Back to Black 2007-02-12
未分類 Beautiful Ballads: Earth, Wind & Fire 2006-12-26
Mary J. Blige Reflections - A Retrospective 2006-12-12
ジャネット・ジャクソン So Excited (Remixes) - EP 2006-11-21
Akon Trouble 2006-11-14
JoJo The High Road 2006-10-17
Beyoncé B'Day 2006-08-29
プリンス Ultimate: Prince 2006-08-19
アリシア・キーズ Diary (Dance Vault Remixes) - EP 2006-06-06
NE-YO In My Own Words 2006-02-24
Beyoncé Check On It (feat. Bun B & Slim Thug) - EP 2006-02-07
ロバータ・フラック The Very Best of Roberta Flack 2006-02-07
Mary J. Blige The Breakthrough 2005-12-20
マーヴィン・ゲイ Golden Legends: Marvin Gaye Live (Bonus Track Version) 2005-12-20
滴草由実 Communication Break Out - Single 2005-12-14
ボーイズⅡメン Winter / Reflections - EP 2005-11-30
R.ケリー R. Kelly: Remix City, Vol. 1 2005-11-11
アレサ・フランクリン The Very Best of Aretha Franklin - The 70's 2005-09-19
アレサ・フランクリン Hey Now Hey 2005-09-19
アレサ・フランクリン Aretha In Paris 2005-09-19
Marvin Gaye Marvin Gaye Live 2005-08-19
R. Kelly TP.3 Reloaded 2005-06-28
倖田來未 Butterfly - EP 2005-06-22
Marvin Gaye Chronicles 2005-06-21
Luther Vandross Luther Vandross - The Collection 2005-05-31
Jennifer Lopez Hold You Down - EP 2005-05-10
アレサ・フランクリン Rhino Hi Five: Aretha Franklin - EP 2005-04-19
Toni Braxton Un-Break My Heart: The Remix Collection 2005-03-31
アレサ・フランクリン Aretha Franklin: 30 Greatest Hits 2005-03-29
アレサ・フランクリン Gospel Masters 2005-02-04
Marvin Gaye Gold: Marvin Gaye 2005-01-11
未分類 Unfinished Business 2004-10-26
Mýa Everything or Nothing - Single 2004-10-12
アレサ・フランクリン Aretha Now 2004-08-24
スティーヴィー ワンダー A Time 2 Love 2004-08-05
Boyz II Men Throwback 2004-07-20
ブランディー Never Say Never 2004-07-06
JoJo JoJo 2004-06-22
R.ケリー Happy People / U Saved Me 2004-06-08
Marvin Gaye Moods of Marvin Gaye 2004-04-27
Marvin Gaye In the Groove (I Heard It Through the Grapevine) 2004-04-27
Kim Weston & Marvin Gaye Take Two 2004-04-27
B2K B2K: Greatest Hits 2004-03-23
Boyz II Men Legacy - The Greatest Hits Collection (Deluxe Edition) 2004-02-03
ブランディー Afrodisiac 2003-11-25
Mýa Fallen - EP 2003-11-11
アリシア・キーズ The Diary of Alicia Keys 2003-11-01
Boyz II Men 20th Century Masters: The Best of Boyz II Men - The Christmas Collection 2003-09-23
Marvin Gaye I Want You (Deluxe Edition) 2003-07-29
Mýa Moodring 2003-06-30
SWV Platinum & Gold Collection: SWV 2003-06-17
Mýa My Love Is Like...Wo 2003-04-28
Marvin Gaye Marvin Gaye: Love Songs - Greatest Duets 2003-01-14
R.ケリー Chocolate Factory 2002-12-17
アース・ウィンド・アンド・… Earth, Wind & Fire: Live In Rio 2002-11-19
スティーヴィー ワンダー Stevie Wonder: The Definitive Collection 2002-10-21
スティーヴィー ワンダー The Definitive Collection 2002-10-12
Marcus Miller Suddenly 2002-09-23
アース・ウィンド・アンド・… The Essential Earth, Wind & Fire 2002-06-10
アレサ・フランクリン Respect - The Very Best of Aretha Franklin 2002-05-27
アース・ウィンド・アンド・… That's the Way of the World: Alive In '75 (Live) 2002-04-17
アレサ・フランクリン Soul '69 2002-03-14
Marvin Gaye A Tribute to the Great Nat King Cole 2002-02-26
Mary J. Blige No More Drama (Bonus Tracks) 2002-01-29
Marvin Gaye Love Songs: Bedroom Ballads 2002-01-01
Marvin Gaye Let's Get It On (Deluxe Edition) 2001-09-18
Jennifer Lopez J. Lo 2001-07-24
Luther Vandross Never Too Much 2001-07-23
Luther Vandross The Ultimate Luther Vandross 2001-07-04
アリシア・キーズ Songs In A Minor 2001-06-23
Carmen (Television Soundtra… Mtv's Hip Hopera: CARMEN 2001-05-14
Marvin Gaye What's Going On (Deluxe Edition) 2001-02-27
Diana Ross & Marvin Gaye Diana & Marvin 2001-01-09
Michael Jackson 20th Century Masters: The Millennium Collection: Best of Michael Jackson 2000-11-21
Mýa Fear of Flying (Bonus Tracks) 2000-11-07
Boyz II Men Nathan Michael Shawn Wanya 2000-09-12
Marvin Gaye Midnight Love 2000-05-30
Marvin Gaye Every Great Motown Hit of Marvin Gaye 2000-05-23
アース・ウィンド・アンド・… The Best of Earth, Wind & Fire, Vol. 2 2000-05-16
Marvin Gaye & Tammi Ter… 20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection: The Best of Marvin Gaye & Tammi Ter… 2000-04-11
Marvin Gaye 20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection: The Best of Marvin Gaye, Vol. 2 - The '… 2000-01-11
Marvin Gaye Lost and Found: Love Starved Heart (Expanded Edition) 1999-09-28
Marvin Gaye 20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection: The Best of Marvin Gaye, Vol. 1 1999-08-31
Marvin Gaye Live at the London Palladium (Bonus Track Version) 1999-08-24
アレサ・フランクリン Amazing Grace: The Complete Recordings 1999-05-04
Mýa My First Night with You 1999-04-13
アッシャー Usher: Live 1999-01-01
Marvin Gaye Midnight Love & the Sexual Healing Sessions 1998-11-10
アース・ウィンド・アンド・… Earth, Wind & Fire: Greatest Hits 1998-11-03
マライア・キャリー #1's 1998-09-14
アレサ・フランクリン Get It Right (Remastered) 1998-06-15
アレサ・フランクリン So Damn Happy 1998-05-07
アレサ・フランクリン Jump to It 1998-05-07
Mýa Mya 1998-04-21
Marvin Gaye I Want You 1998-04-07
Marvin Gaye Trouble Man ((Soundtrack from the Motion Picture) [Reissue]) 1998-04-07
Marvin Gaye Live! (Reissue) 1998-04-07
アレサ・フランクリン A Rose Is Still a Rose 1998-03-09
Boyz II Men Evolution 1997-09-23
Mary J. Blige Share My World 1997-04-22
Marvin Gaye Vulnerable 1997-04-01
アース・ウィンド・アンド・… Earth, Wind & Fire 1997-02-28
Michael Jackson Motown Legends: Michael Jackson 1996-12-09
チャカ・カーン Epiphany: The Best of Chaka Khan, Vol. 1 1996-11-08
アース・ウィンド・アンド・… Live At Velfarre 1996-10-29
未分類 Elements of Love: The Ballads 1996-05-01
未分類 The Very Best of Michael Jackson With the Jackson 5 1995-09-06
Marvin Gaye The Master (1961-1984) 1995-03-29
アッシャー Usher 1994-08-30
Boyz II Men II 1994-08-22
Marvin Gaye Here, My Dear 1994-04-05
アレサ・フランクリン The Very Best of Aretha Franklin - The 60's 1994-03-22
アレサ・フランクリン Young, Gifted and Black 1993-12-21
アレサ・フランクリン Aretha Arrives 1993-07-16
Luther Vandross Never Let Me Go 1993-06-01
オーティス・レディング The Very Best of Otis Redding 1992-11-06
ホイットニー・ヒューストン I'm Your Baby Tonight 1990-11-02
マライア・キャリー Mariah Carey 1990-06-12
ダニー・ハサウェイ A Donny Hathaway Collection 1990-04-03
R. Kelly TP-2.COM 1990-01-01
R. Kelly The R. In R&B Collection, Vol. 1 1990-01-01
R. Kelly R. 1990-01-01
未分類 Born Into the 90's 1990-01-01
アース・ウィンド・アンド・… The Best of Earth, Wind & Fire, Vol. 1 1989-07-05
Marvin Gaye Romantically Yours 1989-05-12
Marvin Gaye Dream of a Lifetime 1987-02-24
Luther Vandross Give Me the Reason 1986-12-09
アレサ・フランクリン The Best of Aretha Franklin 1985-10-16
Luther Vandross The Night I Fell In Love 1985-06-07
アレサ・フランクリン Aretha's Jazz 1984-11-14
アース・ウィンド・アンド・… Powerlight 1983-08-01
アレサ・フランクリン Spirit In the Dark 1975-06-30
アレサ・フランクリン Let Me In Your Life 1975-06-30